Clara Cibera comes from Frankfurt, Germany, but has Spanish roots. Her sound is techno - driving and hard. Those who know her know exactly that she's a mixer - creative and with a lot of energy.

She started to deal with electronic music at the age of 15 and has loved electronic music since about 14. Her first gig started in 2013 at Waggon in Offenbach. She was booked in bars/lounges or at birthday parties. Otherwise she played mainly in German well-known clubs.

She was also booked as a warm up in Berlin AVA. But in 2016 she managed to get a gig in Vienna at the Kantine. There she was able to show her skills and draw people to the dance floor with her choice of tracks. Music is her passion, which can be heard in her sets.

Among other things, she was one of the top 20 in the competition for the 1st All European DJ Championships for KroneHIT in Austria.

Since 2019 she has been active as a producer and in 2020 she made a remix for Obskur Music from Canada. But 2021 was her biggest year yet with the releases of her single and EPs. Her biggest success was to make a track for Carbone Records from Italy.

For 2022 her goal is to create her own parties with friends and aims to be booked for more gigs at other events.