Born in Italy in 1972, his passion for music and clubbing began at an early age when his parents took him to one of the top clubs in Europe in the 70s, at the age of 6, the homeland of disco music, the Seven Up, a nightclub that saw Italian and foreign artists perform in those years, including James Brown and where Claudio Coccoluto put his first records, and from there he unwittingly begins his path. Immediately fascinated by new sounds and having had the good fortune to have a HIFI system at home from an early age, he immediately became familiar with wines by touching them and listening to the sound and aroma. starts working as a radio DJ towards the end of the 80s, at the beginning of the 90s he starts a live mixed program broadcast in the late evening called black out, where he enjoys mixing the new sounds of the moment (electronic, house, underground ) with disco music and at the same time begins to have evenings in clubs and to propose new events together with a crew of DJs, artists, promoters and event organizers, dreamers who are passionate about music, graphics, fashion and design. From 90 to 95 he is the protagonist together with his crew of numerous events organized in his area and collaborations that see him around Italy and in some European clubs. He moved to Perugia in 95 and began to propose his sound in clubs thanks to the collaboration of DJs and promoters, with whom he founded a new crew and entered the world of productions by building a recording studio together with his DJ partner, as well as a close friend. At that moment in Perugia in addition to the various musical realities there were also them with an alternative and visionary project, first organizing events in the most underground (sometimes unknown) clubs of the moment, with an audience mainly of foreigners and equally international DJs and then opening their first international club called XArt, where we offered a mix of cutting-edge acoustic and electronic music and art shows of various kinds.

In 2000 he returned to Cassino, from where he continues to develop and carry on his Clubbing and Production projects, collaborating with various Italian and foreign realities, participating as DJs in various festivals with important artists and collaborations in clubs, developing new projects with local artists. musical.