MaB starts at the beginning of 2000, where he still worked under the following aliases.


Chaos (bside rec france)


Mr Groufs (Zenith)



owner of NACHT events and KLUB NACHT

Mathiew houzen and Mr jamZen(Bunker rec, antropolis rec,news)

Performances live, semi live and Dj

(Darkwoods, imagine, tomorrowland,the history off, bocadero, jardim,acido,...

Until MaB needed a break, actually he wanted to quit.

And there the motivation started to grow again, a name change, and no longer sticking to 1 style.

But a mix of lounge, techno, acid and electro. With 1 big deviation!!!

80% percent, hardware productions,

The good old fashion way, this gives a specific sound, maybe not the perfect Master, but honestly pure and banging

Now doors are being opened again, and ready for a new journey of discovery, where the focus is on the audience when performing. Hope to see you all soon.

Grtz and luv MaB music and more