Marco Corvino aka Dj Corvino Traxx began working as DJ in a professional way in many Italian radio program shows since 1985, included some of the most famous in Italy as: Radio Orion 2, Rare Grooves, Rec & Play, Mix in Time, 'Mastermix' by Radio Italia Network, Radio Marte Stereo and Radio Club 91. In 1990 he started cooperating with the Angels Of Love promoters crew. With the Angels Of Love Marco collaborated for nine years, together with all the best artists of the world dance panorama. At that time he was spinning in the USA (Miami), France, Germany, England, Low Countries. In the first '90 Marco had his first approaches with the recording studios and in 1995 his first record 'Don't U Know' was released on UMM records, with the cooperation of Marco Carola. In 1996 he realized 'Primo' on M.A.W. records, where Corvino appears with the pseudonym 'Corvino Traxx', used for the cooperation between him and the Masters At Work. In 1997 was released 'Neapolis' on Vinyl Peace records, the Canadian label property of Dino and Terry. Still in 1997 he produced a remix for Dixie Jox & D Minor on AOL records, with the alias Java Brothers (Marco Corvino and Furriello Bros) and a remix on Planet Records named 'Lovin' You' with a version by Stefano Miele. In 1999 was released 'EL Sol' on Test records and in the same year Marco realized 'One Day In Rio', with the pseudonym Dual Key (Marco Corvino and Maurizio B-Flat), very appreciated by the world house scene and especially by Tony Humphries, which reviewed it and then released it on the American label Sound On Wax records, bringing this ep around the world. His experience in studio grew up thanks also to the many cooperations between Marco and prestigious singers, Mika Clausell, Gerideau, Brian Chambell, Simon Cooper, Marcello Coleman and Keith Thompson to name some of them. With these artists Marco realized many projects in different styles, from dance to chill, from hip hop to fusion and R'N' B. In the Zer081 studio were born projects like 'Surfers' released on Undiscovered and later distributed by Virgin. 

The Surfer project ranges from classic house sonorities to bossanova, with chill, funk and soul elements, showing the open mind of this young Neapolitan artist. In 2003 comes a new label desired by the Zer081 team, 'Deck' is the name the trio wanted to give to this new label distributed by Karma. Deck was born as independent label, aiming to bring quality DJ tools. The first release on Deck was by DJ Simi & Master Keys. The ep is named 'What' and it has found a big success in the world dance panorama. On the same label Corvino Traxx & Lino 'D' Meglio produced 'Is Love'. Subsequently, with Frank Iengo, brings out a Latin House project called 'Aguadulce' on Net's work International. It is inspired to the range of productions previously realized by the Neapolitan artist. In 2004, the studio work intensifies and Marco decides to go ahead with more projects in various directions: it is realised Daddy's Groove on Crowd Limited entitled 'Tribute', aimed at young audiences, with Dj Simi creates 'Everybody Rock' on Deck records, then later 'Who', still a Daddy's Groove on Crowd Limited. This release has been a real success for the label, selling more than 5.000 copies all over the world The year 2005 begins in the sign of the productions: on Deck it is realised 'Is Love', produced by Marco Corvino Traxx and Lino 'D' Meglio. Marco also cooperates with some of the most famous Italian magazines as ORBEAT, DISCOID, JAY CULTURE, TREND DAYS, TONIGHT. The found successes with his productions have meant that the gigs of Marco giddily increased, up to propose his own sound in the best locals of the Campania region with a weekly frequency. Marco Corvino also realized a big number of compilations: starting from 1996 he has been present on Future Traxx vol.1, on UMM (Corvino TRAXX - Don't you know) 1996, Masters at work vol.1, on Masters at Work records (Corvino TRAXX- Primo-)1997, on Mr. Bongo - Latin track (Corvino TRAXX - Primo)1998, on BBE - Curiosity latin machine (Corvino TRAXX Primo) 1998, on Sony Italia - Suburbia compilation (Marco Corvino - Neapolis) 1999, Two label TBA Zurich - House Station Level (Cormain - EL SOL) 2000, Dual Key - Saxeira - Joint Recording 2000, on Sonido Denso Discotheque - (Cormain -The Bounza) 2001, on EDEL - Ibiza Essential House Party (Cormain - EL SOL) 2001, on Sonido Denso - Relahouse in IBIZA (Cormain -The Bounza and Cormain EL SOL) 2001, on Vendetta Records - Eibi-Si' House Vol.3 (Cormain-The Bounza) 2002. In 2003 Marco, with his friend and colleague Lino 'D' Meglio, starts a new project called Street Walker. It is great to start with one of the most beautiful male voices of the house music, the voice of Keith Thompson. Following on Alpha Records they have a remix of a song, 'The Beat', which leads them to reach places of excellence in the world rankings. On Crowd Limited Marco Corvino and Lino 'D' Meglio create the Daddys Groove project, whose first release is entitled 'Tribute'. On Beside Records is released a soulful project, called Rise & Duck - Chocolate, whose versions are treated by the nearly consolidated duo production Corvino Traxx & Lino 'D' Meglio. In 2005 in Naples, along with Antonio Fresa, creates The Op, a school for dj, point of reference for many young people who want to approach this profession. In 2006, on Tonik records, Corvino Traxx & Lino 'D' Meglio present 'Contrast EP'. During the Miami WMC 06 is presented Corvino Traxx - Everyday that is realising on SoulGroove Records with Net's Work International - Dynamicode - Sun City (Frank Corvino Traxx feat Frank Iengo). That same year, on Universal Music, is realized Daddy's Groove - Rendez Vous, composition licensed on numerous compilations in Italy as Striscia la Compilation, Hot Party, Hot Dance Mania, in the world as Universal Music Dance Compilation. In this period Marco works also in the movie environment participating to the creation of many soundtracks as 'La leggenda del principe di San Severo', a Rai trade cartoon, soundtracks of social background short films, as 'Napoli @ 1' e 'Napoli @ 2'. In the same year, he also participates to the dvd soundtracks concerning the Moto Cross Italian Championship. In 2007 Marco became A & R of a new label called Transalp Records and distributed worldwide on Vinyl by Lavel One. The first release is a project named Detail - Be My Self, the second release is Unknown Feat Robert Owens - Come Together. In April of that year it is realised Xploid rec Good of Us - Corvino Traxx & Lino 'D' Meglio rmx. In 2008, on Solar Recording Digital, Lino 'D' Meglio & Corvino Traxx present 'Minot Alia' E.P. With the digital label Groove Sense recording they present Feel Like - Shanghai, on Iberican Recording Digital Lino & Corvino present 'Odds & Sods' EP. On Stereo Production they remix Dj Koutaroua - Reaction - Lino & Corvino Rmx. In the same year Marco Corvino played at ADE 08 , Amsterdam Dance Event. In 2009 Marco Play in CHINA Tour in most club of Beijing , Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2010 Marco Create a new music project , the name is GROOVE TEMPLATE, the relaese is Craft in Motion on Netswork International, Visual EP on Polluted records, Silicon Dust - Play with you - Groove Template Rmx.In 2011 Corvino Traxx feat De La kyo - Voga records, Corvino Traxx - Deep dark - Voga records, on Netswork records Hey Oh let's Go - Corvino Traxx Rmx, on Animal Music Naples Groove - Corvino Traxx & Swared rmx, on Miniaturec Corvino Traxx & Swared presents Orient Express.

In 2012 with Roberto Biccari Dj create '90 IN LOVE the live set around the world in B2B ( Marco Corvino & Roberto Biccari).

In 2013 with Luca De Gregorio create THE STARSEEDERS, the first release is LOVELY DAY feat Luca G.& Shona - SoundMenOnWax Rec

In 2014 Marco create a New Project, the name is Mark Raven and comnig up on World Chart with the productions.

Marco continues to teach at the CAMP Academy and is also engaged in the production of his first LP which should be ready for next year, will be called: 'IN MY LIFE.